When Puggy Sue was around a year old, her previous owners found out that she had Addison's. Apparently, her and her sister were given away because the couple who cared for them for a couple of years decided to have children. Whatever that means. Anyway, Puggy was the one that was hard to place because of her AD, but she was placed with one lady whose bulldog had just passed away. She couldn't handle Puggy because of her bathroom problems, but the theory is is that it was too soon after her dogs passing.

The way that I came about Puggy Sue was that I was looking for a companion to my ChiPug Kayla. I had gotten Kayla after I had to put my beloved dog Tammy (15 yrs.) to sleep. I went to the SPCA and saw my angel Kayla there, and I had to have her. Kayla was having seperation anxiety and what not, so I wanted to get her a brother or a sister. Because of research and because of falling in love with the pug breed, I decided on contacting all of the pug rescues around my area.

I was then told about a special needs pug the same age as Kayla. I was told a bit about the disease from her foster mom, and then with my having a medical background did research. I then had my home inspected by the pug rescue during which time Kayla and Puggy Sue were to meet. As soon as I saw this pudgy bundle of fur, I knew I would do anything to get her. She is so lovable and energetic. Kayla took to her as well unlike with any other dog by letting her chew on her bone and all. I went under immense scrutiny in order to adopt Puggy Sue because of how she had been placed before. As luck would have it, I am now the proud mama of a very happy little girl. The only thing now that is an obstacle with her is to keep her weight down and to make sure she doesn't have any potty problems!

Amanda Cocco & Puggy Sue


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