Kaylee relaxing on the couch

Kaylee is an adorable red and white basset hound. She was diagnosed with Addison's disease in September, 1999, just before her second birthday. Because her owners felt that they could not afford the cost of the medication she would need for the rest of her life, they turned her over to a basset hound rescue group in January, 2000. Kaylee was placed in a foster home with three other resident bassets. Kaylee's foster mom Beth began to educate herself about Addison's disease so she could inform potential adopters about the disease and prepare them to deal with a dog with Addison's disease.

Six months later, in June 2000, one of Kaylee's then-foster sisters, Lily, began to act a little bit funny. She threw up a couple of times, then refused a meal, which was totally out of character for Lily. Feeling a bit silly about being an over-protective mother, Beth took Lily in to see her vet. Surprisingly enough, the vet immediately suspected that Lily had Addison's Disease. (No, Addison's Disease is NOT contagious.) The diagnosis was confirmed with a ACTH test. Thanks to her experience with Kaylee's disease and treatment, Beth was better prepared to deal with Lily's new diagnosis.

It was at this time that Beth decided to try to learn even more about the treatment of Addison's disease. From some very knowledgeable "parents" of other Addison's dogs who were members of the k9Addisons internet mailing list, and from her dealings with 2 dogs with Addison's, she learned that each dog is different and that the recommended dosages of the medications are not always the optimum for an individual dog. Both Lily (65 lbs) and Kaylee (50 lbs) are treated with Percorten-V (manufactured by Novartis) and prednisone. Both take .5 mg of prednisone every other day. Lily gets an injection 1.25 cc's of DOCP every 28 days, while Kaylee only gets 1 cc, every 40 days. Beth administers the shots herself, at home, saving on vet visits. They are both doing extremely well. They will continue to live normal, happy, healthy lives as long as they take their medication.

Lily, Sadie, Abby, and Kaylee
Lily, Sadie, Abby, and Kaylee

Beth took Lily's diagnosis with Addison's as a sign that Kaylee had been sent to her for the purpose of preparing her to deal with it. In October, 2000, Beth decided that Kaylee should become a permanent member of her family, so she officially adopted her. Kaylee is enjoying her new family and home. She is one spoiled basset hound who loves toys and chewies, playing with her basset sisters, sleeping on her sofa, and most of all . . . eating.

For more information about Kaylee & Lily's experience with Addison's Disease,
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