This page is available for any dog with Addison's Disease who needs a new home.

If you know of a dog with AD in fostercare, I will add the information to this site. Please have a look at this page before you contact us.

Kilo is a bouncy, loving, happy shepherd/collie mix.
Click on his photo for more information and photos.

Following are Success Stories of dogs rehomed after the diagnosis of Addison's Disease:

Kaylee - A beautiful Basset Hound who helped with her foster sister's AD diagnosis

Buddy - Another Basset Hound who lived in 3 homes before finding his perfect home with Alisa.

Puggy Sue - A Pug who was adopted from the SPCA and is very happy with Amanda.

Lady - A White German Shepherd who was adopted by a wonderful lady who already has a Great Pyrenees with Addison's Disease!

Molly - A Spunky JRT who found a fantastic home quickly!

Baxter - A Black Lab who travelled 3000 miles to his dream home with Linda.

Ozzy - Another Black Lab who found his match with Susan.


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