Buddy first came into rescue as a pup, under one year old and dumped in a shelter. He went to live in a BROOD (Basset Rescue of Old Dominion) foster home where he got lots of love and had lots of room to run and play. When Buddy was one year old, he was adopted and went to live in his new home.

After about a year, right before his second birthday, his new owners noticed Buddy was not feeling well. They had a cabin at the lake, three hours from home, and Buddy got very ill every time they tried to take him there. They took Buddy to the vet and it was discovered that he had Addison's Disease. Buddy spent some time at the vet hospital being treated and was finally ready to go home.

But he couldn't go home.

It seems that now that Buddy had AD, Buddy's family no longer wanted him. They ordered the vet to euthanize Buddy rather than take him home.

Thankfully, the vet refused to do such a thing and reminded the family that Buddy was adopted from BROOD and had to be returned to them. Lucky for Buddy, the vet knew about basset rescue and remembered where he came from. They had no choice but to call us. Since I'm in charge of all the BROOD foster homes, I got the call that Buddy needed a place to live.

I had fostered another Addison's basset before and knew that Buddy had to come stay with me. We picked Buddy up on a hot August day and I'll never forget the way he looked at me the first time I saw him, he wouldn't look at me straight on but out of the corner of his eye. It was apparent that he had no intention of getting friendly with anyone, but he was a gentle soul.

We took Buddy home to stay with us and our 3 other bassets and within two weeks we were asking for adoption papers so Buddy could stay with us forever.

We've had our ups and downs with the disease and are hoping to give Buddy the best life possible.

Buddy is now the biggest Mama's boy in the world and is never far from my side.

I am thankful every day for the vet who kept Buddy alive until I could save him. He's my very special boy and I love him dearly.

Alisa Garbrick & Buddy
York, PA

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