September 17, 1997 - September 23, 2001

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Merlin My Love

I held you at birth
and wondered of your worth
such a handsome little guy
I decided you'd be mine

Little did I know
as I watched you grow
how you would steal my heart
never wanting you to part

You were the best snuggler
hugger, kisser and cuddler
As you stood majestic and tall
you left those who met you in awe

You were such a pleasure
your love knew no measure
your gentle soft touch
I'll miss so very very much

As I choke back the tears
thankful for four wonderful years
I know we'll reunite
When the time is right

So I'll say my goodbyes
with tears in my eyes
and know you'll be a good boy Above
Merlin my love.

Merlin is loved and missed dearly by Diana Wolfe,
and by Jill, Spike, and Sparky.