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Name: ~Shadow~

Breed: Brittany Spaniel

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 18 months old

Comments: Shadow is the most loyal and loving girl. She is so affectionate and she hasn't left my side since we spent 14 days together with me holding her all night and carting her to the vet during the day for IV drips to get her stable after her initial crash. Since she was diagnosed with Addison's, we have become the best of friends. I can't imagine life without her...she's my completely devoted friend.

Ms. Penny
Name: ~Ms. Penny~

Breed: West Highland White Terrier

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: One month before her 6th birthday

Comments: "Over the Moon" about Ms. Penny would be an understatement of how totally dedicated to her we are. She has always been our very best friend, but after her initial crash our dedication to her is our #1 priority. Besides her 'human' best friends she dotes on her red chewman and carries him around every morning to welcome the day. She is truly the love of our lives and we cherish each and every day we have with our LUCKY Penny !

Bonnie Rose
Name: ~Bonnie Rose~

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 2 1/2 years old

Comments: Bonnie Rose lives with her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and Uncle, also a Macaw, Cockatoo, Double Yellowhead and a kitty named C.J. Her favorite things to do are to chase the squirrel in the backyard that irritates her to death and keep track of the two aviaries with finches and doves and jump in with them every chance she gets. She is doing well with meds and we're happy that she is back to being herself.

Name: ~Kizzie~

Breed: Basset Hound

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 17 months old

Comments: Kizzie is one magnificent Basset. She is a lover, cuddler, "Watch Basset" in training who idolizes her sister Abby. She came into our lives two weeks after Abby's sister crossed the bridge and helped us heal. Those soulful eyes also help get her whatever (almost) she wants!

Name: ~Storm~ Sher'Lyn's Lightning Strikes

Breed: Standard Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 3 yrs and 5 mos old

Comments: This is Storm's first show/win picture. Dorothy Dehn of Dehn Graphics, took the time to find, stretch, and add lightning shots to acquire this look. Storm was diagnosed Oct 31, 1998 at 3 yrs 5 mos of age. 1 year later, with medication, she is happy and truly a great clown.
She is the love of our life.

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