Name: ~Rosco~

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Sex: Male

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 18 months old

Comments: Prior to his diagnosis he was full of it and is slowly regaining strength and stamina. Rosco is a farm dog and loves to ride in the truck and because he goes everywhere with his mom, he is very people oriented. Rosco's best friend is his brother Dakota who is a 105 Lb. Lab/Chesapeake cross. They make quite a pair as Rosco weighs less than 12 lbs!

Name: ~Panda~

Breed: Shepherd x Husky x Collie

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 9 1/2 years old (Feb 3, 2001)

Comments: Panda was adopted at 7 weeks old from an animal welfare association. Her middle name should be survivor because within a couple of weeks, she was acutely ill with distemper. When I asked a veterinarian a few years ago what her lifespan might be, he responded "She doesn't have a lifespan. She had a one in four million chance of surviving the distemper. Every day she gives you is a gift." So true :) Panda has the sweetest disposition the vet staff have ever seen. She loves stuffed animals, especially her squirrel here, that my brother-in-law brought to give to my niece last year when she was visiting. Panda bolted across the room to intercept the pass as he handed it to her. Since then, it's been her favorite toy.

Name: ~Kala~

Breed: Rottweiler

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 3 1/2 years old (Feb 3, 2001)

Comments: Kala is a loving rottie. She has been through quite a bit in her life. She has been through a terrible accident, breaking 16 bones! You would never know it though...she is a miracle!! She *loves* obedience and herding. I hope that she will get to see sheep again soon :)

Name: ~Molly~

Breed: Standard Poodle

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 3 1/2 yrs old

Comments: Here are our girls, Molly and Meghan (bichon), snuggling after a morning of play. Molly's diagnosis has not dampened her enthusiasm for chasing wildlife, attending the kids' soccer games, or entertaining dog-friends in the backyard. Thanks to an excellent vet and constant support from this list, Molly is doing well on daily Florinef with hydrocortisone as needed.

Name: ~Cami~

Breed: German Shorthair Pointer

Sex: Female

Age Diagnosed w/Addison's: 2 yrs old

Comments: Her favorite things to do are to go camping, hunting, and off-roading in in the Jeep.

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