Both (noun & verb) - Used when Mom is at the end of her rope (Although I never SEE her with one!) or when she wants me to lie down for a treat (as in "Be a Both") Sometimes she's polite and says "Could you ~please~ be a Both?" Usually she's talking to Carlos, though - he *never* behaves!!

Honey Both (noun)- term of affection, used frequently when Mom wants me to magically appear from nowhere.

SOCA - Mummy's favorite music - she likes to listen to it turned up really loud!
I like it best when she plays the song about "Lord Melody".

Squeaky Pie - well, that's just me :))

Tiny Honey - that's me, too - see "Honey Both" (above) for more explanation :))

Treats - (noun) Do I really *need* to explain this one??? Usually it's liverwurst, or cheese. Sometimes Mum gives me part of her dinner which I LOVE!!!! I think it's especially fun to spit out the pill thingys and see Mom's face the next day when she discovers it on the carpet!

Want your feet done? (verb) - I lie on Mummy's lap, and she has buzzy things that tickle my feet. She usually complains that I am too loud (she says I TAPDANCE!!) and cuts my toenails. All of this is very exciting, and we ALL get treats afterwards!!!!! Even just for watching!!!

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