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How we found out about Addison's Disease

An incomplete list (so far) of questions that pop up frequently

Addison's Disease: Uncommon or Undiagnosed?
A roundtable discussion sponsored by an educational grant from Novartis Animal Health. Five of the country's leading experts in canine Addison's disease participated, this is very easy to read and understand. (PDF file - requires Adobe Acrobat)

What is Addison's Disease?
Basic information about Addison's, including a description
of the disease, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

Images of normal and diseased adrenal glands

ACTH Information
FDA Site - A bit difficult to read, but does give the "normal" ranges
for pre and post ACTH

Dog World's June 2001 Article on Addison's Disease (word document)
With permission from Dog World

Ratio Calculator
Enter the Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) and this wonderful tool does the rest. Thank you B. Palsa and S. Long for creating and sharing this page.

Acacia Pet Clinic
Case study of a Labrador, includes normal vs. abnormal blood values

Vet Stop
Includes laboratory signs that may be indicative of Addison's.

Oklahoma Veterinary University
Case Study of suspected adrenocortism - steps the vets use to diagnose a case

A Bearded Collie site with many links and case studies

Columbia Veterinary Associates
An article about Addison's Disease in Dogs

A Marvistat site
Describes the role of adrenal hormones, how synthetic hormones affect
the body, including side effects. Easy to read and understand

United Medical and Dental Schools, London, UK
An introduction to the adrenal gland - very specific about what each area does,
the hormones produced, and their roles

Adrenal Dysfunction
A human's doctor's perspective on his wife's Addison's Disease - interesting to read

DNA Study - Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (UCDavis)
Currently collecting samples from Bearded Collies, Std Poodles, and Leonbergers
to study the genetics of Addison's Disease. Please send for your free kit!

k9Addison's 2004 Calendar
All proceeds benefit The Canine Addison's Disease Foundation.
These gorgeous creations make fabulous gifts, and are perfect for veterinarians!

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